Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Still Kickin'

Hello, strangers!

Life is crazy and every time I plan on posting I don't get it done--I'm gonna turn over a new leaf here and make a concerted effort to post more often! 

So, firstly(love that word!), we have another amazing retreat planned at the Inn with the incredible Amanda Jean Nyberg, aka crazymomquilts.  If you were lucky enough to join us last year, you know how much fun we had--and this year shall be even better!!!  The dates are November 12-14, 2010 so think hard but not too long!.

Only 8 more spots available and only two more rooms at the inn! 

Here's a quilt that I've been working on for my 11 year old niece Becca.  She has her own blog and it always makes me smile.  I used a layer cake of Boutique by Chez Moi for moda.  It was an experiment--now I realize why you don't make a nine patch, slice it diagonally into quarters and sew it back together.  A few truncated corners and slightly odd shaped blocks later, I decided it worked anyway!  I mean, what was I going to do, throw away $35.00 worth of fabric? 

It measures about 80 x 80 and it'll go on her full size antique iron bed(the one I grew up with!). I still need to piece the back and quilt it.  I'm more than nervous about the quilting as it's over twice as large as anything I've machine quilted, and I can't say that any of those looked great.  But practice makes perfect(or at least passable) and I've got to start somewhere because I'm not paying someone else to do it as that would eat up my fabric budget for about 6 months!

I'll also be participating in the Sew Mama Sew May giveaway day next month, so be sure to come back and see what fabulous prize I will be giving away!!  I'm sure I'll come up with something good in the next few days!


  1. Howdy, stranger! :-)

    Love that quilt. A fun way to use up a layer cake.

    I'm so sad I can't come to the retreat again this year! I had such a blast last year, I was really hoping to come. But I can't be too upset - the reason I can't come is that we're going with my whole family (parents, siblings, etc.) to Hawaii! You can't pass that sort of thing up!

  2. hi! so good to "see" you back online. I would love to reserve a spot at the retreat, I don't want to miss it! I'll figure out everything else later:) Let's "talk" on email soon!

  3. OK - I just deleted my own comment.....go figure. I love the quilt! Becca will love it on her (your) bed. How fun. Thanks for such a wonderful Mother's Day. The card is simply special (no hours into it at all :-) ) Tell Tade that Magoo Two hasn't met Pedro yet because it is to cold and wet. Miss you all. Love, Grandma EJ

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! It will be in the family forever. xo m.

  5. Hi Tara, I just linked to your site from Sew Mama Sew and am now a follower! I'm a fledgling sewer and would love to think that I could make a quilt one day - it's such a skilled craft though, I'm not sure I'm ready yet!
    Really lovely site, am looking forward to visiting again :)