Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crazy mom is coming!

Yeah!  The quilt retreat with Amanda of crazymomquilts is almost here!  It's been a year since our last one and I'm so stinking excited!

I just wanted to show you some of the fun stuff I've been working on.  We have a giveaway with a quilt made by Amanda as the grand prize and I like for everyone to be able to win a little something!  So I've been busy scrounging up donations and making everything else.

These  will be quilted by Amanda as part of our free motion quilting classes and then I will quickly sew them into pillows as one of the prizes. I made these using Penny's tutorial over at sewtakeahike.  I love her projects and I have some pretty serious fabric envy.  I just love everything she makes!  AND She's joining us for the retreat too! 

Same story with these 18" wonky log cabins with some Opal Owls.

Here I thought I was prepared and had some more pictures, but I'll have to come back later apparently!  I'll try not to let 6 months pass by this time!


  1. I love those owls Tara, fabulous..! Nice to see you're back with us too :o)

  2. I'll miss you guys! Hope you have tons of fun. Maybe next year... :-)

  3. oh how fun! i'll spend my time on the plane thinking of how i'm going to quilt these beauties.

  4. Your projects are just awesome Tara!!! This weekend has just been a blast, thank-you so much for putting it together!
    p.s. I looked around for your spray starch recipe and can't find it! Please send it to me, I love using your homemade spray starch!

  5. Tara, I just had to come back and say thank-you once again. You and Amandajean are a dynamic duo!! You two totally outdid yourselves this weekend and I sew appreciate the investment of time you put into the retreat and the relationship with everyone that was present.

  6. Tara - thanks SO much for an AWESOME weekend! It was great getting to know everyone :)