Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you wanna win some fabric?

You know you want to!

I thought you all might want to participate in a little giveaway I'm having...5-- 1/2 yard cuts of these fun prints( and one solid). The one on the left is by Brandon Mably and oh so soft, the three in the middle are Amy Butler--gotta love her!-- and the solid is Kona Cotton.

The rules--one entry for each comment left and another if you post to your blog about the giveaway--let me know in your comment if you are going to post on your blog--and I'll be checking! The giveaway ends on April 30th, winner announced on May Day!

This is what I made out of the fabric--The Amy Butler Birdie Sling for Janie's diaper bag, a quilted changing pad, and a nursing smock for everyone's comfort. I'm really pleased with how everything came out--pretty busy day for the sewing machine yesterday!

Tade and I went to the Shop Hop in One Stop this morning. Pretty cool quilts, though nothing I wanted to run home and make. My money seemed to find lots of things it liked though! This funky monkey oil cloth to make Tade a backpack or some kind of bag--he loved it! I also found a sock monkey ornament for the Christmas tree that had to leave with us. He carried his things around the entire place!

This lovely oil cloth that I will bind for my dining room table. It already has a two inch cut from Tade finding my scissors minutes after it went on the table . I think I still love him.

Tade saw the "Entertaining Elephants" by Alxander Henry and said, "Hey, elephants. I love elephants." so, this is going to become jammies and a pillow case for him. I think I'll do the top kimono-style al la Amanda Jean. While your visiting her site, check out the great bag she made with selvages! And then save your selvages for me!

And lastly I got this great fabric in the mail--Wonderland By momo for Moda--I love this fabric line! I wish I had more so I could show you all of it! But you computer wizards can figure out how to look it up, right?

So, what I thought would be my knitting blog is pretty much entirely about sewing. And the guy from the sewing maching shop just called(finally) to tell me my machine is ready!!!! So I said I'll be there as soon as Tade wakes up. Of course, right? And he tells me they're closing early today. What?!? Oh well--Old Faithful will get me through another weekend.

Have a great one!


  1. Those are really cute! LOVE! Your niece!

  2. The new jammies are precious. As are the diaper bag and burp cloth. I can't wait to see what you make out of the monkey print. Maybe he'll let you have all of your other bags back when you make him a monkey one.

  3. Hi Tara,
    First of all, thanks for finding me and my blog. I love that we are both from the Fort and both doing the flirty apron swap! I've been sewing up a storm all weekend and will send mine today, finally! Maybe sometime we could visit each other's art spaces. :)

    Second, I would love to have a chance to win your giveaway. I will post your link on my blog in a couple days, and in fact will probably put your blog on my list of blogs I love because, well your blog is great (not being a knitter, I appreciate the all-sewing direction it's taken). Also, I just LOVE Amy Butler fabric, and I have yet to be able to splurge on it yet for myself.

    Finally, I love the oil cloth you found for your table. Where'd you get it? Not here in town, or? If so, where do you shop?
    Happy day,

  4. hi, Tara, and am I jealous that you found such wonderful stuff!! it sounds like everyone is going to be VERY happy with all you've completed and have on the drawing board for the next few weekends. Husband, son, job, house--when do you find the time to sew? and I'd rather talk about sewing than knitting---crochet might be different though. I will mention your giveaway on my blog and i bet I could find something to do with those nice pieces......

    love to you, San-Dee

    PS when Lou gets out of the shower he is going to take my picture in "our" apron and I'll email it.

  5. Tara..i love the colors of the fabric. Your bag is awesome!! I am so jealous of the oilcloth!!! Looks like you are sewing up a storm! I will make sure to post about your giveaway!!

  6. Love the bag and love the giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  7. Love the giveaway and love the handkerchiefs that you are showing on your earlier post. Where did you get the fabric. I'd love to purchase some of this for my mom.


    Renee G

  8. Eva sent me your way! I would love to enter for a chance to win!

    The elephant fabris is too cute! It will certainly make fun pj's! Happy sewing!

  9. Wow, your sewing projects all look great! I'm in love with the sock monkey fabric, it just makes me smile. Thanks for putting my name in your draw.

  10. Hi! HLM sent me, I am her friend who lives in Italy. It's crazy expensive to buy fabric here, and I am sooo up for a fabric giveaway. I am about to blog my apron from the swap too, so i'll let the gals know about your giveaway, too!

    Yes, isn't Alexander Henry the best. I LOVE it all!

  11. I just love all of your current projects! They are almost identical to the ones that I am hoping to tackle soon. I bought the same monkey oilcloth for my son, I am going to make him a carryall for his art "stuff". I also just bought some yardage of the elephant fabric too!

  12. Hi again! The fabric looks way cute! I'd love to win some.

    I'll be posting this on my blog later.

  13. I've been pretty busy lately and have forgotten to come enter your giveaway, good thing I got over here in time.
    The prints you're giving away look really cute, I especially like the floral one with the brown background.
    Did you say a bag made out of selvages? I'm off to check that one out, sounds neat.
    Thanks for hosting, I love giveaways! :)

  14. I posted about your giveaway on my sidebar.

    I also checked out that bag, it's really neat. I bet it would take a ton of patience to sew each tiny strip together though. The finished piece does look really unique and like it would be worth it. Thanks for sharing