Saturday, April 25, 2009

How cool is Spoonflower?

Have you guys heard about Spoonflower? You can design and they'll print your own fabric! So I'd been wanting to go to their site and play around with some things, so while I was waiting for guests to show up for Wine and cheese this evening I did! Of course on the work computer I had no images that I wanted to play with, so as soon as I got home I continued playing!

What do you think? It's the picture that I made for the wall in Scott and Janie's nursery! The repeats are 12" x 10." I feel like their rocking chair is screaming for a footstool covered in this! All you fellow nursing mamas might understand the awesomeness of a footstool! So go check it out! Have fun!

It was pricey, but kind of like buying stamps for your wedding invitations with your picture on them--really cool too!


  1. I love wandering over here and seeing what new stuff you've found. You're like my personal shopper! Even "back in my day" having a stool ready while rocking and nursing was one of life's true luxuries. You are so thoughtful.

  2. I'm thrilled to have you join my Nancy Drew Swap! When you get a minute, please e-mail me your mailing address, e-mail address, blog name and a list of some of your favorite things (this will help your partner). Lori

    We are going to have such FUN!!!

  3. SO cool! Tara that would make such great fabric. I see curtains. Pillow. and more......

  4. I've been playing with ideas in my head for ages for spoonflower, and still need to try something...... that might be a nice project for this summer! Or maybe today! as I take breaks from this monster machine quilting.....