Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apron swaps and finished projects

I've got lots to post about today--I'm realizing I should post more often so they're not so long! I received my apron from the Flirty Apron Swap yesterday! Due to some curfuddle or other, it got sent to Florida from British Colombia and then on to me in Colorado. A very well travelled apron!

I love it as it has a huge pocket for clothespins!

In the package was an apron pattern, eye pillow, bath salts, essential oils, embellished rubber gloves and a dishtowel! I love it!

Here's the package that I sent to Amy for the Mother's Day swap--she's giving it to her nephew to give to his mom for Mother's Day--isn't that so sweet? They asked for a baseball theme, so I made sure to include the peanuts and crackerjacks! Can't wait to see our aprons! Tade loves to "help" in the kitchen!

I finally finished my mom's birthday log cabin quilt. She seemed really pleased, but I wish that I had made it just a touch bigger. She thinks it's good because it's small enough that my dad--Big and Tall kind of guy--won't steal it!

And finally the tile backsplash at work that I finished last week. It was my first time tiling and went slower than I had pictured, but I'm really pleased with how it came out!

The baby shower on Saturday went great--the food was good, lots of people came, and best of all, my Brother and Sister-in-law had a good time! I forgot my camera, so you're spared those details!

I've got lots of sewing that I want to be working on this week, so I'll try to post again by week'd end with an update! Have fun, stay safe!


  1. your blog matches your backsplash! thanks for inspiring me to hit spoonflower! your mom's gift quilt is great. love the colors!

  2. You have been busy!!! It all looks great!

  3. I love your apron, and you look so cute in it! you've inspired me, I finished a mom/daughter combo for a friend at work. The quilt is beautiful, and so is the splashboard! Take a rest, let the rest of us catch up!

  4. Good Lord Woman. I thought I was busy! Keep in touch.

    Country Club Flower Shop

  5. Tara..your moms quilt turned out beautiful!!!!! I love your apron and those cute gloves!!! I didn't make it in time for the apron swap. I will try and do one soon. I am thinking of having a giveaway myself...I will let you know! Found a couple new podcasts..check them out

    Knitmore Girls http://knitmoregirls.blogspot.com/

    Stach and Burn http://www.stashandburn.com/

    Talk to ya later....Oh by the way..Happy Mother's Day