Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy, busy!

My handsome Tade, learning to ride his trike. Every time he presses down he says, "Pedal, pedal, pedal." So cute!

Everyday for the past two weeks, I've planned on posting more project pics and such. Everyday I am so busy that I seem to fall into bed without even checking my email!

So, what have I been doing? Not cleaning my house or doing laundry, that much is obvious! I made a skirt from Weekend Sewing. I love it, though I wish I had looked for the errata before I made it! It now works but with an extra seam and zipper rather than the wrap skirt it was intended to be!

Busy Bee Swap for Heidi! Apron, gardening bag, salt scrub and some soaps

I finished two swaps, the Nancy Drew swap and Busy Bee Apron swap, both of which will go in the mail tomorrow! I became an angel for another swap to make up for the flakers and finished her apron tonight! I have one more swap, the vintage 4th of July swap, to fulfill before I'm all caught up, but it doesn't have to go in the mail until June 15, so I'll wait on that one.

Nancy Drew sneak peak for Wanda! And my beautiful Hodges--such a sweet girl!

I'm realizing with all of these swaps, I'm not really working on my projects! So after this next one, I'll limit myself to one at a time! And then work on the five quilts in progress and the commissioned diaper bag and finish the crib bumper for my soon to be neice. And make a few more skirts and dresses and pajama pants. And then maybe I'll clean my house and do my laundry!

Here's our new braided wool rug from Drew's parents! The colors are perfect for my living room! (I took down our lace curtains about 2 months ago, bought 10 yards of fabric to make new ones and I HATE it! So does Drew. Any brilliant ideas?)

I'm off to watch Deadliest Catch and do some crocheting! If I'm lucky I'll post before we leave for Illinois next week! When I get back I'm making a wedding cake that looks like a mountain! I'll be sure to post pics of that!


  1. cake baker, quilter, crocheter, mom, crafter, wife.... YOU ROCK! have a great trip. we're off on friday for a nice needed, unplugged va'ca to our cabin, just til tuesday... bye!

  2. i like how your priorities fall. mine tend to do the same...because a house doesn't stay clean anyway, so why do all that work? at least a quilt stays finished. :)

    are you serious about the speaking thing??? because i'm tempted!

  3. it's so nice to hear that everyone else has WIPs that take priorty over housework....I've always flelt clutter is okay, dirt isn't, and after 28 years Lou is agreeing with me...

    I think you should consider some nice plain sheers unless you need privacy-they'll cover the windows, compliment your colors, but not take away focus from that gorgeous rug. Have fun in IL, San-Dee

  4. Hi Tara, enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to swapping and getting to know you.


  5. Aunt Tara,
    It's a very pretty rug and my grandma charlotte has 1 just like it.
    Love Becca

  6. Hey Cutie! I love that picture of you in your new apron- darling! I am going to post on my blog about your swap goodies today! Yippee! Hodges will be there, too! lol! Thanks so much for taking part in the ND Swap, Tara! Wanda was lucky to be partnered with you! Lori

  7. Came here from Lori's. Love your rug!! Watched Deadliest Catch with my husband the other day and thought it was quite depressing...Why don't you show photos of your curtains??

  8. Hi Tara!! I would love to brainstorm with you on the curtains project! Like Elise said, can you post a photo of the ones you hate? The rug is super cool.

  9. i love whirrlygiggles. I actually just finished a quilt top with them!!

    I love your birdie sling bag. I am ordering my fabrics to make one for a diaper bag as well. Any suggestions for the pattern?? I think I want to make the straps long enough to put over my opposite shoulder so I can have free hands. (thanks for commenting on my blog)

  10. I love your rug!! And your aprons turned out great. I have not gotten gauge yet.....hopefully soon. I would love to join the quilting retreat. Let me know more when you get more info. I have not used the fabric I "won", so maybe I can use it for the retreat. Catch ya later!!

  11. a clean house and clean laundry are totally overrated. Still loving my lip balms btw...you are a genius!!

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