Monday, August 3, 2009

When I grow up I want to be an old lady

Hello Strangers! I've missed you all! Been very busy and have had bloggers block.

First things first--Congratulations to treevillemary who won my salt scrub giveaway! Please e-mail me your address and I'll get that in the mail to you straightaway!

I'll host another giveaway next week for any and all to join, just because I really like to! It will be a bag out of this wonderful broadcloth. They are recycled curtains and I just love them! My 95 year old neighbor Wilma Borges passed away three weeks ago, and she was the sweetest, kindest woman I've ever had the pleasure to know. These curtains hung in her spare bedroom and were made by her daughter Virginia in the 60s.

She was a great friend of mine and she adored Tade. She lived by herself until the last few weeks of her life and I was truly blessed to know her. Her daughters generously asked if I would like anything of hers, and I requested her rag rug which now has a place of honor in front of my sink. Knowing it was made by her hands truly makes it special.

Then her daughters gifted me with some lovely cups and saucers, vintage milk bottles, some beautiful vases and a bag marked "quilt tops to finish". I certainly didn't expect any of this but feel so lucky that Wilma counted me as a friend too and let her family know that.

These 12 stars are rather crazy quilted out of what I believe are mostly feedsacks. These were peiced by Wilma's mother, which makes them quite a treasure!

These funky blocks were pieced by Wilma's husband Roy's mother. These made me smile because her daughter Irene said that Grandma Borges wasn't much of a quilter, yet I love them all the more for their funkiness.

I also made this Everything Tote that I LOVE from Weekend Sewing. There are quite a few errors in the pattern in the book, but I persevered and will be making another bag like this using burlap are the outer bag. SO excited to see it finished!

Now for a bit of business--the quilting bee. Here is a list of the joiners.


There are a couple that have expressed an interest but haven't confirmed, but I'll see what I can do to convince them. Please e-mail me all of your addresses, so I can get this thing organized. We also need a name for our bee so let me know if you have any brilliant ideas!

I'd like to start in September, please let me know if that works for everyone!



  1. Works for me,
    how about "the Worker Bee?"

    you have my info i believe. toodles!

    Great curtains!!! and all those lovely blocks!
    But more than that sorry for the loss of your friend!

  2. Oh wow! What a great story. I too want to be an old lady when I grow up. Whenever someone rolls there eyes when they see an elderly person about I say, "we should all be so lucky to be where they are some day." Sorry for the loss of your friend and neighbor but it looks like she has a story to carry on.

    I love those big blue flowers on that first shot.

    PS: What is this green stuff you are photographing on? It looks like … plant matter?*

    *says the desert dweller who hasn't seen a lawn in over 10 years.

  3. Fabulous stuff! I love the curtains. Enjoy!

  4. Once you decide on a name, let me know and I'll make a blog badge for us all. :) September start date works great for me.

  5. hi! I hope I can still join in the bee, but remember, I am very NEW at this quilting business. Last night I started a flying geese lap quilt from those quilt kits I got, and even though not all the stuff matches up, it's pretty cool and Sarah likes it (good thing-it's the one for her!). When I get the whole top done, I'll post a picture on my blog.

    I so wish I could be at the retreat, but I think if I ask for anymore time off once I get back to work, I'll be looking for a new job.... of course, they keep telling us the recession is over, so maybe there are more jobs out there.