Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've got chickens!

My dear, sweet husband built me a chicken coop for our 5th anniversary and yesterday we filled it up! I'm so excited--they are just too stinking cute!

We got two Buff Orpingtons(Buffy and Pecker(in honor of a dear friend--because chickens peck!)), two black sex-linked chicks(Monique and Unique), one Silver Wyandotte(Eagle), and one Rhode Island Red(Chicken Little).

Tade loves them so very much! It's so cute to watch. If all goes according to plan, we'll be getting 15-30 brown eggs per week beginning in late January. Hope I'm hungry!

I also received a swap package in the mail today. Thanks so much Solidia for such an awesome apron and package!

Here are the only confirmed quilters in the bee:

Bumble Beans
Yukon Viv

This means I still need 6(!) to get this ball rolling. Some that had said yes have never gotten back to me so I don't want to count on them unless I hear from them. If you're interested, leave a comment letting me know and e-mail me your address. I have to hear from you in order to count you in! Invite your friends, invite your family, but invite somebody!

I still plan on having a giveaway of a bag made out of the curtains, but my sewing machine is in the shop, so SOON! (I hope!)


  1. What exactly is a sex-linked chicken? because my imagination is quickly trying to take away the cuteness.

    I love their little sounds. Not that I can hear them through the screen know.

  2. that is so cool you have chicken coop! I asked my hubby for one this year for our anniversary, he laughed at me and said no way! he said next I'd ask for a cow and a pig...
    well? whats wrong with that? ;-)

  3. Oh wow! I love chickens. I raised them every year growing up and I so miss home-raised eggs. Such a great looking coop too!

    I love your apron too. How adorable.

  4. What a bunch of little cuties!! Tade looks right at home, and that's so coll because the chickens will become his buddies. My sister-in-law's follow her around all the time.

    sometimes I hate living in suburbia, I can't imagine what my neighbors would do if we got chickens, or geese (like we used to have)--there's probably a covenant against it in our area.....

  5. Nothing says "I luv ya" like a chicken coop. Fun stuff. What kind of bee are you putting together? Happy egg gathering!

  6. I would love to partake in the quilting bee. I have never been in one before so this would be new to me but new things are fun.


  7. Could you send me details on your quilting bee, Id love to take part

  8. I had a couple of "Rhodies" while living in England...great hens! Don't worry about having too many eggs - you'll find lots of volunteers to take them off your hands. (Unlike my monster zucchini that has neighbors hiding behind their curtains when I ring the doorbell....)

  9. I *might* be interested, lol. I've never done a bee! Can you tell me more about how this works? Do I have to send the fabric to all 12 recipients? Do I cut it or just send it? How much do I send? The overall timeline is a year?


    Mountain Baby Blankets

  10. I would be interested in your bee. Let me know if you still need people.

  11. Your chicks are soo cute! I swore to myself that in my next home I will be able to have a coop too. Such a great experience for kids. I just started quilting...I would love to join your bee but I think I need more experience first.

  12. I would be interested - please provide details


  13. I'm up for the quilting bee!

    blpaul28 at

  14. I'd love to join...and it will be my first quilting bee!

  15. Elaine sent me from Soggy Bottom Flats, so I'm in for the Bee if you'll have me. Confirmed.


  16. hi tara,

    i'm still interested in the quilting bee, BUT want more details before i commit.

    my email address is:


  17. Yep, I'm in for the bee, now that life has calmed down a little.

    I am SO thrilled for you and your chickens! You're pretty cute in your apron holding one, too. :)