Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Bee Balm quilting bee

I have belatedly gotten my fabrics together for my new quilting bee and they will be going in the mail tomorrow! I've been wanting to join a bee for a while, just never found one looking for people, so I decided to start my own! I'm so glad I have and I might have enough for another, just need a few more people!

Amanda Jean is making a quilt like Ingrid Press's and even though I thought I wanted wonky log cabins or some such, as soon as I saw her block I knew I had to do these houses! I've been stashing 30s repro fabric for a while and going round in circles as far as what to do with them, but this is it!

In other news there's a great giveaway of some embroidery goodies here! Check it out!


  1. Very fun! Can't wait to work on the little houses for you.!!!

  2. oh, that will be fun with the 30's prints!

  3. Love the name Bee Balm! I'm finishing a blog badge for us today. To other readers/quilters: I agree that Amanda Jean's little house quilt is SO CUTE! Be sure to check it out for inspiration.