Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quilting with Amanda Jean!

Over on Amanda Jean's blog you can see more pictures of the amazing quilt that she has made as the grand door prize for those attending our quilting retreat November 6-8 at The Inn at City Park in Fort Collins, CO.

Several of her commenters have asked questions, so I'm going to try to answer them here.

Do we still have room?

Yes, we have room for about 5 more quilters.

Do you have to stay at the inn?

Absolutely not--if you are local or know someone in the area, we have a discounted rate that still includes the meals and workshops, but no bed!

What is the nearest airport?

Denver International Airport is about a 50 minute drive. Sweet talk me and I will arrange for transportation!!!

The prices are really reasonable for what you get--not to mention the chance to win this AMAZING quilt or a one night's stay at the inn plus lots of other fun things that I'm currently working on! I am a trained chef, so the food will be incredible(not to toot my own horn or anything!); it should just be an amazing weekend with lots of quilting, laughing and making new friends!

Feel free to ask me more questions in the comment section and I will answer them ASAP--Like AJ said--Only 6 more weeks!!!

I, for one, cannot wait to quilt with Amanda Jean!


  1. sounds wonderful! wish I could go and hope that it will be such a success that you will do it AGAIN! have fun!

  2. Ooh, I'm considering it... just have to see if my husband can take that Friday off and stay with the kids! Will call soon!

    Liz @ teeny tiny quilts

  3. Sad..I can't make it:0( However, I need to talk to you about a Christmas Open House I am having with lots of different venders..I want you to bring you products....Interested??? email

  4. Wish it was closer. Would love to attend something like this.