Monday, February 28, 2011

I love a good moleskine!

 For my mom's birthday I embellished a moleskine journal for her using some of my echino and Ruby Star Rising scraps.  I love these scraps and could happily use them for years!!

I don't know what it is about a moleskine(it could simply be the seemingly random e on the end), but I'm happy if I've got one in every drawer, pocket, bag and car.  Ever so handy, and light years cooler than a post-it!
A little finishing touch of a tinkerfrog label, just because I can.  Thanks to my sweet Drew for following my instructions on what to order for Christmas to the letter!  Good job, honey!


  1. I have a moleskine 18-month planner that I take EVERYWHERE, and a moleskine sketch book for each person in the family, and also a moleskine watercolor sketch book for each person in the family, and a moleskine cartooning sketch book for my partner, in case he ever feels like making a graphic novel...yeah, I feel you.

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