Friday, February 25, 2011

Really Rather Random

 Here's my current knit-in-progress, the lovely Wispy Cardi(Ravelry link), in the oh, so soft Malabrigo lace.  I'm teaching this class at My Sister Knits in April, so am making this as the class sample.  It's not moving as fast as I would have hoped.  In fact, I need to stop sewing for a while, which isn't cool at all.

I need to find my knitting mojo, because I'm missing it!  I used to be able to knit for hours and hours.  Now I can sew for hours and hours without a break, but can't find that zen space that knitting used to take me to.  Any suggestions?
 Here's a little shot cotton pojagi that I've been playing with.  If I get the urge, it will gain a few more feet and get hemmed to be a lightweight scarf.  If not, I like it hanging in the window!
 Amanda Jean and I hit the jackpot when I was visiting her at the beginning of the month!  We were at her local yarn shop and were directed to a table of free fabric in the back room!  With quilting on the brain, we weren't expecting much, but found loads of vintage silks that are so, so luscious.  I really wish you could all feel these.  They are the reason people crazy quilted. 
That little green, red and white bit up there?  Amanda Jean hated it, so it all came home with me. Lucky me!

In other news, we will be having another quilting retreat in April!  Penny of sewtakeahike will be teaching block design and construction--if you've never checked out her blog, you're in for some serious eye candy!  I'm very excited for this one, as I always am!   I cannot emphasize just how much fun they are!

The price includes 5 meals, and all the workshops for only $250.00!  It really is such a good deal.  Rooms at the inn are available on a first come first serve basis as well. For more information, go here!  We really hope to see you there!


  1. Two posts in less than a week! What are you trying to do, show up those of us that are slacking? :)

    That yarn is a lovely color... good luck on the knitting!

  2. Your crazy quilt block is wonderful! Are you going to make a pillow or a quilt?!?! ;)

    So wishing I could come to Penny's retreat! I'm sure you will have loads of fun.

    It was great talking to you today! Hope you had a good visit this afternoon.