Friday, February 27, 2009

Irish Spring

I am so disgusted. Grossed out. Totally have the heebie jeebies. And I'm angry--mostly at myself. I've recently been seeing the dreaded little white moths flying around my living room. I know what this means, but haven't been able to find to source.

I've checked my yarn. I've checked my roving. In all 40 places they are stashed throughout my house. Nothing.

That being said, last fall I went looking through my felted bags for a specific lipstick. I reached into my FAVORITE purse and came out with.....worms. I was so pissed and threw it away and went through all the others which appeared unscathed. I thought it was a random occurrence that I had nipped in the bud--until now.

I just went upstairs to get my felted ballet slippers. Eggs and worms. Went to the closet and discovered more in Drew's old slippers. And in a laundry basket FULL of old wool sweaters that I had completely forgotten existed. Decimation. Holes and eggs and I need to take a shower just looking at them!

So, I am off to the store to buy two or three dozen bars of Irish Spring to replace my lovely homemade lavender goat's milk soap as my moth deterrent. It won't happen again. They're not even supposed to live at this altitude. (shiver, shudder, gross)

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