Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My projects

Hello to any and all who may read this--I'm Tara, 31 year old proud mom of one-two if I can count my husband. I've been voraciously devouring some quilting blogs lately and thought it might be time for me to join this crazy virtual world of the blog.

Mainly because I want you all to think I'm cool. Let me know how I'm doing and maybe you can give me hints--like "hot" or "cold"! Then I can back off or go full bore--is that the right bore?'s some of what I'm into these days. I'll categorize them into lists of what I'm good, better and best at!


Cleaning--I can do it and do it well, it just doesn't happen very often

Laundry--very much into waiting until it's all dirty to venture near, I have lots of clothes

I'm not really into those things, but I wanted my other categories to be the things I loved! It starts getting better now.


Spinning--had a wheel for 4 years and have never spun enough yarn to do anything with, but I like it

Quilting--I've made a few pillows, and two baby quilts that aren't yet quilted( so that might make me into patchworking

Braided Shepherd's Rugs--My dear husband got me 11 pounds of white roving for me to dye, braid, felt, and then sew together. So far, I've finished a 10" x 7" trivet, and 25 feet of dyed, braided, felted and waiting to be sewn rope. It's just one of my WIPs.

Those are my new hobbies started within the last couple of months. Here's what you've been waitin' for.


Cooking--very proficient in the kitchen, I've actually been called a chef--by my son

Baking--Wedding cakes are my forte, please don't tell anyone that I don't enjoy it--I'd rather be knitting!

Crocheting--Learned in my teens, has been a great springboard for the knitting!

Soap making--7 different recipes made fairly regularly and my own laundry soap to wash my knitting!

Lest I forget....

Knitting--a true passion for me, a true fiber fiend, I'm happy to tink or frog, get it?

So, not to go on and on, but my projects keep me so busy. Ill post some pictures as soon as I take some. What would you like to see?

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  1. Well, how fun was this morning? I took a break from plying my yarn for a project (which shall not be named due to holiday gift giving) and Wally said, come in here and read Tara's blog.....How great. I LOVE your skirts and of course your quilts, etc, etc, etc......(woman, you never stop). I'm sick about your wool articles which were discovered by moths.....we celebrate that it didn't get your spinning supplies. I'm trying to settle my mind, but as I am spinning just one more color for my "no name project", my mind is reaching out to the merino and tencel that is awaiting the dye bath and wheel to make that cowl neck pullover. I so love your blog....and by the way, you are a very good writer.....and, you ARE a chef.....Love you.....ej