Friday, February 27, 2009

Skirt Frenzy

So it's almost midnight, so I can pretend that this is Saturday's post and not a Friday double. Irish spring has been purchased and now my house stinks. Since I've started making my own soaps--3 years ago now--I don't like the smell of anything but the essential oils I use. The fragrance oils just kinda smell gross.

I will suffer the smell for the sake of my wool. I will suffer gladly for my craft. I will suck it up.

I couldn't wait to get Drew to take these pictures this evening so I could get them posted for all of you avid readers out there. Somewhere. I thank Vanessa of V & Co. for her great ideas and blog. I feel very voyeuristic, but I just found it and have commented once!

So this is the six-gore skirt that I made first--ignore the shirt that makes me look fat. The center pattern has bees and lady bugs on it--I Love It! (That, BTW, was my first link!)
Then I took a page out of Vanessa's book and went the the thrift store and bought some pillowcases and made myself this little(?) A-line skirt.
Embellished with some ribbon that doesn't match at all, but that I've always loved.
I liked the pillowcase skirt so much that I made a trip back to the thrift store the next day and bought 4 more pairs! This is my Ralph Lauren skirt as he designed the pillowcases. Or someone in his employ did and he approved it.

The thrift store was also having a 99-cent sweater sale, so I came home with 7 100% wool sweaters (that are nowIrish Springed) to be felted and used for an undetermined future project. All except the new with tags Woolrich sweater in a lovely shade of blue that now resides in our(Irish Springed)closet. I must have known I needed to replace the forgotten about sweaters.

I'll call it serendipity.
Chef Tade

This picture is for you, EJ. You just might be the first reader of my blog, other than Drew-- who I forced to sit down this evening and read it. He says, "I like it." Rather lukewarm, I thought.

Have a great weekend! (Just who do I think I'm talking to? Right, my imaginary audience.)

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  1. Fun. Love that chef! You've always enjoyed all kinds of creating. Love you for that! I think the log cabin throw will be wonderful! It was great to talk to you earlier.

    Love, Mom