Monday, March 9, 2009

Home from Texas

I just got home from Austin late last night. The wedding was great--worked my butt off, but it needed some work anyway. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get some, for some reason, I came home with about 6 new images on my camera. I planned on being so good and actually using my camera for a change!

So, congratulations to Jana and David. May you have many years of happiness and companionship!

Check out Moda Lissa's blog for a super cool giveaway of selvage edges. I know you're all dying to do a project with them! Can you believe that dress?

I also picked up Jennifer Chiaverini's The Winding Ways Quilt. Loving the book, just as I did the others. Not nearly as much as I love the quilt though. WAY above my skill level--but after I finish my current projects, I'm going to tackle it! I've found some information about using a glue stick to "baste" and only having to pin the curve once. Makes sense in my head, we'll see about the application!

Have a great week!

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