Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pay it Forward!

Happy Wednesday to you all! I signed up for a pay it forward on Sherri's blog--so excited as she is so very talented and an incredibly prolific quilter! What this means for you is that the first three people that leave me a comment saying that they want to play will receive something handmade by me and in turn, have to offer a pay it forward on their blogs making handmade things for three people and on and on, etc!

You have 365 days to get their handmade item to them, but I highly recommend just getting it done--much more fun for everyone that way--so if you don't have time right now, consider waiting to sign up for another one later on so no one has to wait a long time!

I did one of these in the spring and gave away soaps, but this time, I'd like to sew something--mainly because I'm out of soap! Maybe a bag or something Christmassy!

I made these little wire pumpkins this week using the instructions here. So simple and I just love them!

I also made this(rather difficult) chicken wire basket--which seems to entertain me as much as burlap right now! Elaine(I'm pretty sure!) sent a copy of the magazine Mary Jane's Farm to me with my block from September and the baskets were featured in there. Pretty hard on my fingers, but I will be making at least one more of them! Maybe you would like one as a pay it forward?

I filled it with yarn to take a picture and Tade said, "When are you going to make my socks?" The kid doesn't miss anything! The green on top was picked out by him MONTHS ago for socks and I've STILL never made more than one sock for a pair. I've knit 4 socks, but I need 8. Need to get on that!

Edited to add:  Sorry all but the pay it forward is full!  Stop on over at Kerrie, Mountain Mama, San-Dee, or Suzanne's blogs to try to get in on theirs! (Do give them a chance to post about it first!)  And yeah--I know that's four not three, but I'm a sucker!

Monday, October 12, 2009

What happened to fall?

We've had such a strange year of weather. First lots of rain this summer and then an early cold front that gave us 14 degree weather and 4 inches of snow! I'm not prepared for this yet! We're burning through the wood pile at an alarming rate!

Last weekend I had three events that I needed to make cakes for--it got a little busy around here! 120 cupcakes and a mini-tiered cake for a Saturday wedding, a three tiered wedding cake for 80 of Saturday, and 48 cupcakes and 36 iced sugar cookies for a baby shower on Sunday. I had 49 pounds of sugar in my kitchen and I only have about 12 left. Makes my teeth hurt! And yes--that is 12 pounds of butter!

Here are some of the blocks I've received in my quilting bee--this is turning out to be so much fun! I still need 5 more quilters for the second bee if anyone is interested. E-mail me your address if you want to. I really need to get on this!

I finished this bag that I've had the fabric for for quite some time. I was still using the lime green and pink, so was glad to get something more appropriate for fall done! I've had a love affair with burlap for a while and was glad to use it in this project. There are some great colors of burlap out there--I think I need to incorporate some into my living room curtains!

Hope you all have a great week!