Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Becca's mittens and a tatooed belly

I'm a huge fan of the Twilight books and not remotely ashamed of it!  So when I saw on Ravelry that someone had written up a pattern to make Bella's mittens a la the movie--I knew that my 10 year old niece Becca HAD TO HAVE THEM!!

I knit them out of Cascade Pastaza and they turned out great!!  We did a photo shoot with some felt apples--Tade wanted to hold an orange--and you get to see how I was able to finish these mittens!  He has learned to count to 30 by himself due to his penchant for tattoos.  I think they should be right side up and on his biceps, but he doesn't get a very good view that way!  I think I'll have him start counting to 50, so it continues to be a learning experience!

We also have some exciting news on the chicken front!  Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since our 5 hens began laying.  If we get three more today, then we'll have gotten 100 eggs in that short time frame.  They don't taste all that different( I expected them to taste "more" somehow!), but they're still very special!  On Valentine's I got to have our first double yolked egg for breakfast!  Made my day, I tell you!

One of my recent quilting projects has been to put together these log cabin blocks.  When I was helping Wilma's family with the estate sale, I went through lots of boxes of  fabric.  Some treasures, a lot of polyester, and some very funky prints later, I found this bag full of envelopes and inside were all of the pieces cut and ready to go!  Along with 4 blocks already sewn together, 2 by hand and 2 by machine.  They went together so fast!  The combination of fabrics is one I would never have chosen, but it really works!  I sewed them into columns using an old sheet for sashing,  It's now in my to be quilted pile, but I have to bring it down to work where I have enough space to make my sandwich--maybe next month!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Giveaway winner and February's block!!

Congratulations to HaveFaith!  She is the winner of the Wonderland honey bun and she'll be making a quilt out of it for a May baby, if her comment is to be believed!!  Please e-mail me your address as you have a no-reply e-mail and I have no way of contacting you!  I'll draw another name if I haven't heard from her in a week!  Between the comments and followers I had 54 entries!  Very cool...

I finished this block for Lizzie whose month is February in our Bee Balm online quilting bee.  She sent the brown background fabric with the only instructions being to make a 16 1/2 inch block of our choice.  She wanted it to "represent" us.  After much deliberation, I decided to do a little "thread sketching."  I've been playing around with this for a couple of months--a couple of pillows and a sketch of my in-laws house for Christmas, so thought this appropriate.  Very pleased with the results!  Here's hoping that she likes it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

100th post giveaway!!!

So, technically it's not my 100th post, but it turns out that I blog in my head quite a lot!  I take pictures and plan on what to write, but it never seems to get typed in.  So I figure if I had posted all of the times that I planned on, it would be right about 100 posts!

I'll be giving away a Wonderland by Momo Honey Bun!  Plus some extra surprises!  I found a great sale and bought 5(!) of these and have a bit of a surplus.  I made this baby quilt for a friend expecting her first baby in April, delivered it to her this morning and she loved it!  Actually, so do I!  This was made using less than one honey bun, the scraps from this will go into another quilt!

And I've not blogged about this quilt either!!  When Amanda came in November for the quilting retreat at the inn, she brought lots of samples to show us.  This quilt was made out of the leftovers from her film strip quilt that was made to giveaway at the retreat.  Mama urchin is now the proud owner of the film strip quilt, but lucky me was given this one as a thank you for setting up the retreat!  I feel so special. Especially since Amanda isn't blogging anymore--I really feel the void in blogland!

So---to enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post.  All of my followers are automatically entered, if you become a follower, you will get an extra entry, and if you blog about this giveaway and leave me a separate comment, you will be entered again!  So, three chances to win!

And check back often because the info about our 2nd annual quilting retreat with Amanda will be posted soon!