Friday, July 3, 2015

Love Notes: They say it's her birthday....

Happy Independence Day, and Happy 40th Birthday to my dear, dear, funny friend Amanda!
To honor and celebrate our favorite crazy mom, let's do the logical thing and make her a quilt!
We will use Rita's Economy Block Tutorial (as Amanda is admittedly frugal, and we can use scraps!). 
Use a solid for the center so you can write your name and where you live, or a more personal message if you'd like. Prisma Micron pens work great for writing on fabric, just give it a good press with a hot iron to set the ink!
Our birthday girl loves her some polka dots, so feel free to go dotty, but she isn't such a big fan of purple, so use it sparingly (read:skip it!). Other than that, go bright, go happy, go CRAZY(see what I did there?)!
These finish at 5" so we will need a lot of blocks to make her quilt! That shouldn't be a problem with her many friends and followers! 
Share this info with anyone and everyone that would like to participate! Post your finished blocks on Instagram tagging @crazymomquilts and #lordylordyamandasforty!
Please mail the blocks to me by August 1! Feel free to include a card or note, and I'll deliver them with the finished quilt!
Thanks so much, and sew like the wind, my friends!
Tara Rebman
1020 Sycamore St
Fort Collins, CO 80521


  1. What a great idea! She's very lucky to have you as a friend :)

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  3. What a great idea, I'd love to sew a block!!

  4. Road trip this week but I think I can get one off by Aug 1!

  5. What a great idea! She's inpsired me to use ALL my scraps, nothing gets tossed anymore.

  6. Great idea! I made a block already, and I will send it out ASAP! Loved the tutorial too, it's an easy enough block for us non precision sewers.

  7. I love this idea Tara, and I am going to make her block today. You really need to blog more often as this is a wonderfully written post! xoxo